Pam Esquivel

Sales Consultant

Poway Royal Estates

13300 Alpine Drive

Poway,  CA 92064-5718



Meet Your Agent

Why did you choose to be a home counselor?

I have been in the rental industry since 1991, since that time I have seen the dream of homeownership come true for many families. When Hometown purchased our community I was given the opportunity to become a part of a sales team that helps families realize the dream of home ownership.

Why did you choose to work at Hometown America Hometown America?

In 2010 Hometown America purchased Poway Royal Estates. We looked into Hometown America and found that they are an organization that puts their residents and employees first. Because of this we choose to stay and work with them. This has given us the opportunity to help our community grow and become a wonderful place for all of our residents to call HOME.

Why have you chosen to work at Poway Royal Estates?

My husband and I are a Management team. We were looking to relocate to a Community in Northern California. We met with a Management company and interviewed. The regional manager asked us if we would be willing to relocate to Southern California. My first response was NO. She asked us before we make a final decision if we would please go meet with her at the Community and see it. We agreed. When we got there we absolutely loved it. We have been here for almost 5 years now and love it.

What is "excellent customer service?"

Finding out what the customers goals are and doing what it takes to help them reach them.

How long have you worked with Hometown America?

I started working for Hometown in 2010 when they purchased our Community.

Please list some past professional accomplishments (Hometown America-related or otherwise).

I have been in the rental industry for 21 years in both Manufactured housing and Apartment Communities. In 2012 I became MCM certified and will continue my training.

Besides helping people improve their lives, what are some of your other personal interests?

I love to just Relax. Sometimes it is just by sitting at home in our backyard, or when my husband and I go on day trips. I enjoy spending time with my family. We love being outdoors, camping, boating, going to the beach.

Include anything else you feel would promote you to potential customers.