A 55+ Community in Laguna Beach, California

July - August 2018

Edition No. 15


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Do You Know Craig?


Laguna Terrace welcomed our new community manager, Craig Gentry, earlier this summer. But how well do you know him? As a California native and a lover of the southern California coastline, Craig fits right in! Read on to learn more about him.


Do You Know Craig?


As a California native and a lover of the southern California coastline, Craig Gentry is the perfect fit for Laguna Terrace and the lifestyle we all love.

Craig has always had a passion for real estate, but it was not his first career path. After graduating college, he became involved in the fashion industry – working in everything from design, buying, and marketing. Thanks to the world of fashion, he has been able to travel all over the world to experience the history and culture of many different countries. After a career in fashion, Craig moved into real estate. Fun fact: Craig is a licensed realtor in four states, meaning he knows exactly what our residents are looking for in their home, and their community.

Since being back in southern California, Craig tries to be as close to the water as possible – so our location right off the Pacific Coast Highway is his ideal spot. He says nothing beats watching the sunset overlooking the coastline.

The Laguna area has so much to offer - from scenic views to yummy food choices, something our self-professed foodie Craig loves. He has felt very welcomed in his first few weeks here at Laguna Terrace and is looking forward to making sure our residents are heard in their recommendations to continue to better our community. One of Craig’s top goals is to make Laguna Terrace a community of true resort-style living, while working with the HOA to make overall improvements.

If you haven’t already, stop by and introduce yourself to Craig. We are so excited to have him as part of the Laguna Terrace team!

We're Closed

We're Closed

The Community Office will be closed on Wednesday, July 4 in honor of Independence Day. We wish everyone safe and happy holiday!


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Healthy Snacking

The terms “healthy” and “snacking” don’t seem like they should go together, but they do. You can curb your midafternoon hunger without adding unnecessary calories or sugars. Check out this guide to healthy snacking, featuring 121 easy and delicious ideas fit for everyone. Happy snacking!

Now Taking Brokered Listings


If you’re considering selling your home, please call us for a free market analysis. We will also promote your home using multiple outlets and include it in our weekly open house. We are located on-site for all interested sellers and buyers. Come to the office to make an appointment or call (949) 397-6287. Let us help you sell!

Resident Reward of $1,000

Refer a friend

Invite your friends to join the community! If they purchase a new home, you’ll receive up to $1,000 for the sales referral. Please contact Kristin Durley directly for questions at (949) 397-6287.


Resident Reward of $1,000

Refer a friend

Invite your friends to join the community! If they purchase a new home, you’ll receive up to $1,000 for the sales referral. Please contact Kristin Durley directly for questions at (949) 397-6287.

*Please note: The offer is restricted to Hometown America-owned, new-inventory homes. Residents who refer a potential buyer will receive money at closing of escrow. Other terms may apply.

Explore Laguna


Most people think of Laguna Beach as a sun-swept, coastal town in SoCal with endless pristine beaches. What is less known is that Laguna Beach is surrounded by more than twenty-thousand acres of wilderness and state parks. All of these outdoor locales are connected by countless miles of hiking, biking, and running trails. Check out these eight areas of Laguna to explore.

Your Health

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Let's Get Physical!

It can be hard to get to the gym every day, but there are many easy exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home to help you tone and build muscles. Thanks to the American Council on Exercise, there’s a great resource for easy-to-follow exercises to get started. Click here and get ready to work out!

Capital Improvements


We are working with fantastic vendors on the newest additions to our pool and spa area. We are especially excited to bring our residents new resort-style pool furniture. Stay tuned on delivery dates!

Eat Right, Feel Right!

Healthy food

In recent years, the trend with diets has moved away from counting calories to focusing more on eating right. If you’re interested in trying something new to help your health, read on to review some new diets and find out how they may benefit you.


Eat Right, Feel Right!

Healthy food

In recent years, the trend with diets has moved away from counting calories to focusing more on eating right. The health aspect of Whole30 and the Mediterranean diet has become popular, while diets based on losing weight fall to the wayside.

These modern diets emphasize cutting certain items out of your diet to maximize your health. If one seems interesting, be sure to look it up and learn more. Both of these diets have a large following, which means many cookbooks and online resources are available for those ready to give it a try.

Whole 30
This 30-day food regime is about finding aspects of your diet that are having a negative impact on you. On this diet, you don’t eat grains, added sugar, dairy, or legumes. Whole 30 doesn’t emphasize weight loss, though it may happen while on the diet. Instead, it focuses on finding areas in your eating habits that cause tiredness, digestive issues, and pain amongst other negative effects. To learn more, visit the Whole 30 site.

The Mediterranean Diet
While this diet isn’t brand new, it has been refined over the years to lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. With the Mediterranean diet, you eat mostly fish, fruit, and vegetables. This diet limits how much you eat of certain foods, but doesn’t completely cut them out. That means there are less meal restrictions than with other diets, creating a less rigid structure. Explore the diet by reviewing this guide.

It's Best to Be Prepared

HTA Spotlight

Beautiful weather and bright skies are the norm in California, and we’re proud of that. In recent years, however, we’ve made the news during wildfire season as well. This can be a stressful time if you aren’t prepared. Read more so you can better prepare and go back to enjoying your sunny days.


It's Best to Be Prepared

HTA Spotlight

Preparing for a Wildifire

It can feel odd to plan for a hypothetical disaster, but it’s truly best to be prepared. In the event the worst happens, you’ll be glad you prepared. These simple tips can ease your mind during wildfire season and make you feel ready if a fire threatens your home.

  • 1. Get a fireproof safe. Keep your valuable and important documents secure from flame damage or flood waters. A safe is a worthwhile investment to keep your documents and valuables protected through any emergency.
  • 2. Know your evacuation route. If it comes down to evacuating, you’re going to want to know where you’re going beforehand. Plan where you would go in the event of an evacuation and what route you would take. Save the details in your smartphone.
  • 3. Document your valuables. Make a list of your valuables and their approximate worth. Take photos of them and your entire home. Keep these on your smartphone and also keep a printed copy in your safe or safety deposit box. Documentation will be important for insurance purposes.
  • 4. Make a preparedness kit. Before the season starts, gather necessities in case you lose power or need to leave. Stock up on non-perishables and water bottles. Be sure you have flashlights, extra batteries, cash, sneakers, and first aid supplies.
  • 5. Sign up for emergency alerts. Learn what your city or neighborhood’s emergency alert system is and sign up for it. Most emergency systems will go through your smartphone or email.

To learn more about how you can prepare for wildfires go to https://www.ready.gov/wildfires.

Home & Garden

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Weeds be Gone!

One of the trickiest parts of caring for your garden or lawn is dealing with weeds. Luckily, there are hundreds of ways you can tackle these pesky intruders. From getting rid of weeds without chemicals, or doing it the traditional way, you’ll find an option that will help keep your yard clear.

Come Socialize


Join us on social media, through Facebook or Twitter, to stay updated, see pictures from the latest community event, and connect with neighbors. Our community page is also a great place to learn about sales specials and enter fun contests. Follow us today!

SafeHaven Insurance


Hometown America is proud to promote SafeHaven National Insurance Agency, specializing in coverage for manufactured homeowners and renters. Many companies are difficult to work with or do not write policies that provide adequate protection for prefabricated homes. Make sure you are dealing with an insurance company that offers competitively priced policies and the protections important to you. Visit SafeHaven online or call 1-800-536-8999 for a quote.

E-Z Pay

EZ Pay

Take the hassle out of making rent payments with Hometown America’s E-Z Pay. With E-Z Pay, your lot rent will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the third of each month. New sign-ups earn a $10 credit.

Entertainment & Leisure


Want to Try Podcasts?

If you miss the days of radio or quality programming, you need to check out Podcasts! It’s a lot like radio, except there is a wide variety of topics and you can listen whenever you want. Review this guide to learn how to tune in, even for free. Be sure to read Time’s Best Podcast’s list to find a podcast that fits you.



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Must-See National Parks

Some of our country’s most beautiful sights are at our National Parks. There is one in every state, making it perfect for a weekend adventure or a nice vacation. Visit the National Parks Service to find a park in your state, or look at this list to discover the ones worthy of your bucket list.